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One, Two, Woop Woop

16 Jan

Names: unknown | Occupation: Bartenders at the Mid

About these outfits: “We were told to wear neon.”

Spotted at: Steve Aoki Concert at the Mid, Chicago

Photo Source: Glitterguts.com

Fashion Movement: Daring Prints

21 Oct

It seems more and more designers these days are leaning toward bold fabric patterns, and it couldn’t make me any happier. There will always be a place for classic textiles and simplicity but this movement is long overdue. I often times have problems with people appropriating prints from other traditions, but  I think three designers in particular, Louise Gray, Mara Hoffman and Martin Churba (whose business is named Tramando), do a great job of crafting their own beautiful and unique prints. Martín Churba’s Tramando is by far my personal favorite because of his innovation, eco-friendliness, and skill.

Louise Gray


Mara Hoffman


Martín Churba


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