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Obsessed: Designer/Artist Anne Sofie Madsen

12 Oct





Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger, Bram Stoker, Roald Dahl…Now in Clutch Form!

12 Aug

Yesterday, Chicago street style photographer, Tres Awesome, posted photos from Lollapalooza 2011. What really caught our eye was the Olympia Le-Tan clutch inspired by Bram Stroker’s Dracula..this led us to the company’s online shop and honestly, the bags and clutches inspired by book covers are SO GORGEOUS. Watch a behind-the-scenes video and check out all the designs on their website here: (they also have a pretty awesome blog for anyone in love with book cover design)

Foreign Movie Posters

10 Aug

After seeing the same shiny, over photo-shopped style on every new American movie poster, I have to wonder if their foreign counterparts aren’t always at least 90% better. Foreign movie posters just seem to focus so much more on design, theme, and general….strangeness, but maybe I’m biased. Decide for yourself. Here’s a look at a few classic American movie posters with their (better?) halves from around the world.

Obsessed: Velvet Flocked Wallpaper

28 Jul

It wasn’t until I walked into an estate sale at a turn of the century (or possibly earlier) home that I discovered velvet wallpaper. If I had really taken the time to think about it, I would have realized that I’ve been in restaurants, clubs and even stores that use velvet flocked wallpaper, but seeing it in a home was something completely different. You can take time to feel the texture when it’s in your own personal space. Of course, there is always the chance it could end up being more Gothic or 70s than first intended, but in moderation it adds just the right amount of warmth and elegance.

The standard print for velvet wallpaper (and a variation of the one I saw, done in black and silver instead of gold on gold)

A more intricate and multi-colored paper, somewhat rarer in the world of velvet wallpaper
A geometrical pattern like this is much more unexpected in velvet, and brings the wallpaper genre out of the 18th-19th century

Also a modern take, very feminine and in brighter colors

I also love the nature inspired wallpapers, especially when done in non-traditional way.

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Free People August 2011 Lookbook

26 Jul

The set designs, colors, and almost voyeuristic/Marie Antoinette styling of the latest August 2011 Free People Lookbook is beautiful. It’s definitely inspiring as to how to live the second half of summer before the lower digit temperatures start rolling in again (traveling to Venice sounds like a nice idea…)

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Ruven Afanador

8 Jul

Selections from celebrites by Ruven Afandor. Full full website HERE.

You Make Me Melt

5 Jul

A painterly vision, a sight of longing, you don’t know it but… being near you makes me melt.

From top to bottom: Custom Chairs and Chanel Perfume Bottles by Studio Pepe | Wooden Furniture by Marten Baas | Black Eclipse Sculpture By Nick van Woert | Melting Chair by Therese Wikman | Smootie Table | Paint or Die But Love Me Table by John Nouanesing | Liquid Lamp by Okamoto | DIY Golden Drip Project by Meyers | Melting Mirrors by Rikako Nagashim

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