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Style Me Like: Dick

1 Jul

The fourth is coming up fast, and to get into the spirit… we thought we would present one of our favorites again. Despite being hilarious to ask for at the dvd rental store, “Dick” is a movie that takes place in the early 70’s with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams. It is all around uplifting with a just the right amount of cheesy plotline. “Isn’t it against the law to cut up the flag?” “Not if you sew it back together”.

1. Vintage Patriotic Glass Bead Necklace $35 | 2. Peppermint Stripe Halter Top with Shorts $59 | 3. Vintage American Flag Bell Bottoms $328 | 4. Blue Stars Cut Off Shorts $25 | 5. Peace Sign Pendant $9.29 | 6. Plastic Hoop Dangle Earrings $6.75 | 7. High Heel Strap Up Sandals $42.99 | 8. Blue Sunglasses $5.95

And you can NOT forget some delicious Hello Dolly Bar Cookies, complete with chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, and some “special” ingredients. …We mean love of course… …right… Anyway, there is a great recipe for these amazing bars at the Smitten Kitchen!

Trailer happiness:

7 Reasons to Buy Vintage

30 Jun

1. It’s Truly One of a Kind: When you buy clothes from your favorite modern shop around the corner, you may not be the only girl or guy at a party wearing that outfit. There is more room to be unique and stand out when shopping vintage!  ( See our previous article on stores that try to be unique.)

2. Tree-Hugger Approved: We learned our three “R”s in class… Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Well, this can be applied to your closets as well. Being wasteful with your clothing is just as bad as being wasteful with food or garbage. Just think about where your clothing goes when you throw it out- it’s not biodegradable! Reusing clothes will reduce the waste left behind. According to thisarticle by Earth911, synthetic materials we still make today can be extremely harmful to the environment.

3. Surpassing the “Trends”: Vintage clothing comes from every style and era, so there is much more of a variety to choose from. I can’t even count how many times I went shopping and found myself disappointed that all the stores had the same styles, same colors, same everything! Most stores will find what is cheap and trendy for the year – they just want to make big bucks on mass marketing. This is your chance to break the mold…

4. Investments? Ka-Ching! Like aging a bottle of wine, or fixing up an old muscle car, vintage clothing can go up in value with time. Think about the difference in price of a 90’s party dress versus a 1920’s flapper dress. Big difference? Yes! Just remember to keep you clothes in good condition.

5. Quality Check: Many fashions of the past were made to last, using materials such as knits, silk, velvet, wool, linen, etc. Many companies today work with cheap and thin materials that tend to rip and wear easily.

6. Make Designers Drool: Fashion designers look to the past for inspiration, so take your creative eye to the vintage shops and beat them to it!

7. Know Your History: Keep up on your facts and learn about the era your clothes came from, who was wearing it, and why. This can make for very interesting conversations. For instance, one trend this year is the maxi dress or maxis skirt… but where did it originate? Worn Through gives a great Mini History of the Maxi Dress!

*Above dress can be found at our store Fyrafix.com.

Hipsters, Hustlers, and Handball Players

5 May

…was the title of Leon Levinstein’s exhibition of street fashion photography from the 1960’s-1980’s. It’s a black and white collection, but still captures a great look into the daily fashions – not just the glamorous rich models you see on the screen… but those everyday people who go out of their way to look out-of-the-ordinary.

View more of Levinstein’s photography and the exhibition {HERE}.