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M.I.A. 2010

18 Aug

On her myspace page, where I personally enjoyed being attacked by fake internet “youtube” bars on her website, her new album “Maya” is described:

“Like its predecessors MAYA deftly mixes politics, social consciousness, and inimitable genre blending. Perhaps as much a political statement as a musical one, the new album scathingly takes on our ever-increasing dependence on the digital world.”

Also excited to come across her new video from last week: “XXXO”. Slightly late, but better than never, right?

While still very charged with social commentary, this video has been a complete turn around in mood from the last video “Born Free”, which was banned in the US. Luckily for us, the internet knows no boundaries. It’s really explicit and controversial, but M.I.A. is known for saying how it is and how she feels – uncensored – which is why I’m always excited to hear what’s on her mind.


A Magical Month with Phantogram

15 Aug

Formed in 2007, this american, electronic, experimental band carries a unique sound that is hard to pin down. Do I smell a tour? Yes, this year! See if they are in your city {here}.

These songs have been on repeat in my playlist for the past month (not sick of them yet, and don’t think I ever will be):