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What Vintage Are You this Summer?

2 Jun

Making plans this summer includes not only those amazing outdoor activities we missed all winter, but planning out some new “what-to-wear” situations. What kind of vintage are you this summer?

The 80’s Boating Bombshell: You are classy, fabulous, and don’t give a damn as long as there is nothing stopping you on the way to the beach! This outfit puts you in command of the best boats at sea.

Combing the Above: Monochromantic Dress | 1970’s Seafaring Necklace | Hook, Line, and Sinker Earrings | Ankylosaurus Bracelet

The 70’s Book & Bike Extraordinaire: You prefer to bike it on your way to work, school, or the local park where you can read all the your favorite authors. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat on your way out the door!

Combing the Above: Philosophy Class Skirt | Penny For Your Thoughts Glasses | Francoise Wallet in Marseille | Sprinkles on Top Earrings

The Energetic Explorer: You are always excited to get outside and see what the world has to offer. After a long day of enjoying the sun, you are definitely up for a moon-lit party.

Combing the Above: Summer in the city Top| Sun Sensitive Earrings | Painted Desert Necklace

The Double Scoop Please: Life is for living, and when it comes to summer… you are planning to take full advantage! Throw a party, have some picnics, go on walks for no reason, and ALWAYS get an extra scoop of gelato!

Combing the Above: Gelato Skirt | The Hunter and the Antelope Vintage Glass Set

It’s hard to choose… Which style is your favorite?

You Can’t See Me Seeing You

14 Apr

sunglasses 2011Kerin Rose

fashion sunglassesHan Kjobenhavn

alexander wang

Alexander Wang

fendi 2011Fendi

Seeing Red

4 Mar

Compare Avion Feminin to Fyra’s:  Vintage Red Blouse “The Shorthand Blouse”

Honestly, we hate markups, and the fashion world today just loves to do it… marking their items up a minimum of three to four times. Crazy.

On the left, red blouse from Avion Feminin. (Apparently it used to be $550) So how much did they buy it for? And WAIT, it’s not vintage?

Well, we got the goods: Need to add an air of professionalism to your wardrobe, but don’t want to go the boring route? We know just what you need. This 70s blouse is light, easy and subtly sexy. In the perfect lipstick red and finished with ties at top it’s the shorthand version of work wear. Check out the Shorthand Blouse.

Need a Neck Brace

28 Feb

Because I want to wear all of these at once…

above by Diorabove by Fenton

above by Cavalli and Dannijo

above by Chanel

oh there’s my neck brace! Thanks Tory Burch!

photos via style.com

Betsey, Lace Hair, Ready-to-Wear

18 Feb

Hair at our always favorite Betsey Johnson FW 2011 show last week was gorgeous:

Did we mention that she’s started a ready-to-wear line of affordable clothing for the everyday girl? (worn down the runway by girls of all sizes, all wearing Bestsey’s iconic straight blonde hair with bangs – awesome!) Check out the collection here!

Myth Meets Man: Spring 2011

29 Oct

Coming out with a new collection for Spring 2011, Vassilios Kostetsos embraces his Greek background. This gorgeous attire features ceramic pottery, ancient Greek gods, and shining feather-like adornments. I have always been in love with stories of the gods, and this collection really brings me back with references to the Greek god Hermes, who had wings on his shoes…

With such an interesting color palette and array of textures, it’s hard to look away!

To see more photos of this collection show from NYC, click here.