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Summer Refresher: Ode to Exedus

5 Jul

This summer pick-me-up is refreshing with a kick! Perfect for a hot day at the beach… too bad we aren’t in Jamaica…

This drink is packed with ginger, which is considered a stimulant and good for digestion (as well as other medicinal uses). Plus, it tastes great!

Ode to Exedus – Recipe Serving Size 4

In a large cocktail shaker combine the following ingredients:

1/2 cup freshly chopped ginger

2 squeezed limes (the juice and all!)

1 squeezed lemon (the juice and all!)

5 shots of dry gin

Handful of fresh spearmint (grind or chop into very fine pieces – maybe even stick in a food processor)

1/4 cup cane sugar

Splash of Ginger Beer (If ginger beer is too strong for you, can be replaced with ginger ale)

1/2 cup water

*Tip: If you have a mortar and pestle, grind the spearmint and sugar together before adding to shaker

Shake it all up and fill 4 glasses halfway with the mixture. This gives a little freedom to fill the rest with ice and more ginger beer – maybe a little more gin?


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