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Local Antiques: Chicagoland

27 Aug

I absolutely love this local antique shop in Buffalo Grove. The main store is called Collage Antiques, but it has a variety of vendors within. Items may seem a bit pricey, but for true antiques as gorgeous as these, it’s worth saving for! 




Ok, so a little back story: I may be biased towards this store since one of the vendors in it is my godmother. But! She is just one of the many experts on antiques and old stories. I love asking her the history behind the different pieces. 

One antique tip she gave me is how to look for real cameos. She says if you want a real cameo, make sure the woman on the piece does not have a pointy chin (jagged edges on the features means that it wasn’t made with as much time and care as one with soft features – though it might not be a fake). Many fake cameos are made with handmade materials like plastic and sometimes show glue marks on the backing – these will be shiny. Real cameos are made with more natural materials like shell – they will have a translucent quality and feel like shell. 

Real Cameo


Fake Cameo


If you are in the Chicagoland area be sure to check out Collage Antiques! ❤