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What are The GreenShows?

13 Apr

“The GreenShows NY Eco Fashion Week is the leading international event committed to presenting eco-conscious, ethically sound, contemporary fashion during New York Fashion Week.” – from Some great designers to look forward to:

The Battalion

Samantha Pleet

Luis Valenzuela

The GreenShows will have their premiere pop-up shop in NY Bloomingdales from April 20-23. Excited to see what’s going to be there!

Growing Furniture

19 Feb

More at Furnibloom

via dornob

via dornob

via freshome

via inhabitat

How Green is Your Fashion?

1 Feb

We’ll have a quiz at the end for you, but now, a featured eco-friendly designer… Linda Loudermilk. Loudermilk wants to show the world that fashion can be beautiful and have a soul at the same time. Promoting change, her beautiful line of clothing is created using all natural textiles. “Luxury Eco”, she calls it… and her Spring 2011 collection is up!

Photos via: Linda Loudermilk


Do you waste a lot of clothes? Throw out a lot of garbage? Buy and buy compulsively?! We love fashion as much as the rest of you, but maybe it’s time to think about how much you really are wasting…

Take these quizzes to find out if you are up to the Planet Green standard!

Quiz: How Green is Your Wardrobe?

and for fun…

Quiz: Is Your Sex Sustainable?

Fashion Movement: Daring Prints

21 Oct

It seems more and more designers these days are leaning toward bold fabric patterns, and it couldn’t make me any happier. There will always be a place for classic textiles and simplicity but this movement is long overdue. I often times have problems with people appropriating prints from other traditions, but  I think three designers in particular, Louise Gray, Mara Hoffman and Martin Churba (whose business is named Tramando), do a great job of crafting their own beautiful and unique prints. Martín Churba’s Tramando is by far my personal favorite because of his innovation, eco-friendliness, and skill.

Louise Gray

Mara Hoffman

Martín Churba

And, as always, check out some of the neon, crazy prints we carry on the site!

La Chanh Nguyen

16 Sep

It’s been quite a while since I first stumbled upon La Chanh Nguyen and the wonderful moss bath mat, but I’m still infatuated. I’m not sure what it is about this designer. Other designers have ingenious, beautifully structured pieces to offer too, but perhaps it’s the combination between sleek and modern design and an obvious love for bringing the outdoors in that makes me keep going back for more.

See more projects here:


30 Jun

Summer is here and although I am infinitly happy that the weather is steadily getting warmer! I’m also incredibly frustrated that I have no space to garden this year. While reading up on possible gardening alternatives to help ease my pain (community gardens, seed bombs, city gardening projects etc.) I stumbled apon the amazing world of moss graffiti. Moss graffiti is the perfect combination of two things that I love: street art and plants… 

There are 2 ways to go about creating your own living masterpiece…

1. If you’re feeling lazy you’ll mostly likely be able to find a carton of “Moss Milkshake” at a local garden shop.

2. If you’re feeling more adventurous, like me, its also super easy to make your own. I found several different recipes but the most basic versions usually involve moss, sugar and beer or moss and buttermilk. Which you just blend up and take to the streets!

Check out these online recipes:

Idea Factory

Heavy Petal


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