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Style Me Like: Dick

1 Jul

The fourth is coming up fast, and to get into the spirit… we thought we would present one of our favorites again. Despite being hilarious to ask for at the dvd rental store, “Dick” is a movie that takes place in the early 70’s with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams. It is all around uplifting with a just the right amount of cheesy plotline. “Isn’t it against the law to cut up the flag?” “Not if you sew it back together”.

1. Vintage Patriotic Glass Bead Necklace $35 | 2. Peppermint Stripe Halter Top with Shorts $59 | 3. Vintage American Flag Bell Bottoms $328 | 4. Blue Stars Cut Off Shorts $25 | 5. Peace Sign Pendant $9.29 | 6. Plastic Hoop Dangle Earrings $6.75 | 7. High Heel Strap Up Sandals $42.99 | 8. Blue Sunglasses $5.95

And you can NOT forget some delicious Hello Dolly Bar Cookies, complete with chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, and some “special” ingredients. …We mean love of course… …right… Anyway, there is a great recipe for these amazing bars at the Smitten Kitchen!

Trailer happiness:

Style Me Like: The Craft

24 Jun

Exciting news, we’ve added a new section to the blog… The “Style Me Like” section is a place where we can really deconstruct our favorite things. If you have any suggestions of movies, locations, songs, etc. that you would like to “Style Me Like”, let us know!

The Craft was actually a movie that a few of us at Fyra were not allowed to watch as kids. So for me, at least, it’s been a pretty late discovery… one that really represents a 90’s era high school sentiment that can bring back that nostalgic feeling of being oh so different. We were, however, NOT blessed with such witchcraft talents as these four girls.

1. Leather Choker with Screwhead Spikes $39.99 | 2. Antiqued Silver Cross Earrings $2.25 | 3. MeMoi Knee High Socks $9.95 | 4. Dickies Girl’s Plaid Skirt $38.39 | 5. Black Silk Tuxedo Braces $34.99 | 6. Short Sleeve Blouse | 7. OPI Black Nail Polish $5.15 | 8. Manic Panic Blood Red Lipstick $8.45

There are some things a witch never leaves home without. Which witch does which? Well, to each his or her own… but one thing we find handy is a good read – try a grimoire or a book of shadows, there seem to be many versions nowadays! Oh, and you’ll need lots and lots of candles – not only are they used in many spells, but it really sets the mood, don’t you think?

1. Large Red Pillar Candle $5.99 | 2. Pack of Votive Candles $10.49 | 3. 1 Gallon Jar with Lid $13.99 | 4. Grimoire for the Green Witch Book $13.75 | 5. Garter Snake (photo source) | 6. Round Brass Bird Cages $18.99