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It’s Not Unique When It’s Sold Everywhere

14 Oct

For months we’ve noticed how certain popular stores are really trying to sell on hopes of coming across completely unique and different – when in fact, they are just as manufactured as any other company you see day-to-day on every street corner. The only difference is they market themselves intelligently, in a way that tries to deceive most consumers. Unfortunately it works… a lot…

Today’s post is a Reblog inspired by Huzzah Vintage! and  The Violet Reaction. After reading their posts, it’s hard to not shake your head in disbelief (and laugh at the amazing conversations that come from such a topic):

“When The Only Thing Unique Is The Price”

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While it’s hard to not enjoy the quirky titles given to clothing on these sites, it IS hard to enjoy some of the unnecessary price increases. Not to mention that sense of security of walking into the room with the only vintage dress of its kind is completely lost…