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Inspired: Fellini’s Costuming

31 Aug

While watching Juliet of the Spirits with my mother I was reminded of how beautiful, innovative, and sometimes just bizarre, the costuming in Fellini’s films was. Apparently it is incredibly hard to find stills/pictures from his films. Perhaps I’m just not as adept at browsing as I think I am, but I’m more convinced that the universe is telling everyone to watch these couture costumes in action. I’m sure there have been plenty of film students that have spent long, hard hours dissecting the meaning of the movies, and in turn the costuming. If nothing else, they are stunning pieces of art and I encourage everyone with an interest in fashion to take an interest in Fellini, and his costume designers, as well.

(Piero Gherardi- costume designer) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piero_Gherardi

the iconic image of La Dolce Vita

i wish there were a closer image of this swim wear

These images are really only the tip of the iceberg!