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Obsessed: Velvet Flocked Wallpaper

28 Jul

It wasn’t until I walked into an estate sale at a turn of the century (or possibly earlier) home that I discovered velvet wallpaper. If I had really taken the time to think about it, I would have realized that I’ve been in restaurants, clubs and even stores that use velvet flocked wallpaper, but seeing it in a home was something completely different. You can take time to feel the texture when it’s in your own personal space. Of course, there is always the chance it could end up being more Gothic or 70s than first intended, but in moderation it adds just the right amount of warmth and elegance.

The standard print for velvet wallpaper (and a variation of the one I saw, done in black and silver instead of gold on gold)

A more intricate and multi-colored paper, somewhat rarer in the world of velvet wallpaper
A geometrical pattern like this is much more unexpected in velvet, and brings the wallpaper genre out of the 18th-19th century

Also a modern take, very feminine and in brighter colors

I also love the nature inspired wallpapers, especially when done in non-traditional way.

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