That 70s Post: Gucci and Burberry

25 Feb

I’ll admit it, Gucci is not my favorite. I never seek out Gucci, or check obsessively for a new collection. I reserve that sort of madness for a brand like Burberry, who I am consistently, deeply and madly in love with. That being said, there were a lot of similarities between the Fall 2011 Burberry Prorsum and Gucci RTW shows: bold color choices, extravagant furs, some version of a plaid/tartan pattern and, most importantly, a 70s vibe. That same 70s feel has been all over the runway, but as a girl who went through her 70s phase in secretary blouses and a-line skirts, I can tell you getting the style without looking like you raided your grandma’s wardrobe can be difficult. Beautiful, excessive coats may be the best way to do this, and these two shows were the best of the best in outerwear.

First up, Burberry Prorsum,

This orange coat is my favorite by far, not to mention the shoes.

And Gucci:

Side note: the Gucci show reminded me of this amazing outfit from Last Tango in Paris.

uncanny, no?


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