The Soul of A Vision

4 Oct

It takes a great visionary to really “see” past the appearance of a another human being, and it takes an even greater photographer to capture that essence in one single shot. So many deserve such recognition, but when it comes to leading in the world of fashion, Richard Avedon would be the first name to pop into my head.

He worked as head photographer for Vogue and Life for many years, and has produced photographs with countless celebrities and fashion styles. Avedon was excellent at capturing movement, light, and gave each photo a breath of life  that intrigues even the most beauty-desensitized, ad-bombarded, modern mind. True inspiration.

I was lucky enough to see his exhibit in person in San Fransisco when it came through. How breathtaking it was to see these up close, large scale photographs like the one above. Not to mention an enormous, floor to ceiling, wall to wall display of a dozen nude men and women (as seen below – in part).

Avedon was known for his exciting captures of popular celebrities, and even ones that are not usually photographed to be published in magazines. Names such as Bjork, The Beatles, Warhol, Hepburn, Dovima, Twiggy, Dylan, and Monroe are just some of the many recognizable faces seen in his work.

View and read more at Moma’s website {here}.


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